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Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor Design

You Have Many Options for PCB Design Service - Why CA Design?

With a reputation of sterling service, exclusive software training in multiple formats-including, iLearn PCB Layout, eDVD, and live instruction-plus premium PCB design using the best software including Cadence Allegro and PADS, as well as fabrication and assembly service, CA Design has built an elite clientele of industry leaders over the past twenty-plus years. It's also the reason our customers come back to us for all their training and service needs.

There is Truth to the Old Adage, "You Get What You Pay For."

While we may not be able to guarantee the lowest PCB design quote in the industry, we do offer the best value for your money. We offer:

  • Work location flexibility-we can work from our home office or on-site up to six months.
  • Project tailoring to your schedule, standards, style, and budget.
  • Quick turnaround to meet your time-to-market objectives.
  • Senior, seasoned designers. Guaranteed.
  • First-class, 100% hand-routed design certified to be fully viable when laid out in copper.
  • Peace of mind knowing your project will be done right-thus saving you time, money, and frustration in the long-run.

We proudly stand behind our work and believe in going above and beyond for our customers. Now, that's value! If you receive a lower quote from a comparable U.S. based service bureau, send it to us-we may be able to match it! This is a great opportunity to get the best for less.

CA Design Offers Bend-Over-Backward Service

At CA Design we understand that to compete in contemporary business, catering to the customer is a must. Teleconference with us according to your schedule-we are available twelve hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Personalized service is what we're all about-you'll feel good knowing your circuit board is being designed by the best designers, quickly, and right here in the USA.

Support the U.S. Economy - Say "No" to Offshore PCB Design Service

When you select an overseas company, you are no longer under the protection of U.S. law, regulation, or expectation. Choosing to work with a foreign company is at your own risk. In addition to the gamble you'd be taking, the loss of competitive advantage to other countries is permanent when U.S. companies outsource overseas, and the American worker as well as the U.S. economy ultimately lose.

Don't Risk Compromising Your Project with Less Experienced or Reputable Companies

Your project is too important to waste time with less experienced companies who are more susceptible to running into software obstacles as well as making design errors. When you work with CA Design, several designers will review your design before it is approved and passed on to you. Our philosophy is that "mistakes are cheaper to solve in layout than they are to fix in copper." We try to avoid quote revisions at all costs and by all means. Many companies will charge you for the tiniest of revisions-some even charge for mistakes they make. Not CA Design!


Request an 'Instant' Quote for PCB Design Service

Send us your schematics, BOM, and other data sheets, and we will provide you with a quote via email within an hour or two. The quote will compose of a flat rate or lot charge as well as a delivery time based on your timeframe requirements. A formal quote that will be sent to your board can be provided upon request.

For a quote, please send your schematics, bill of materials, PDFs and other datasheets to bobc@cadesign.net and robin@cadesign.net.

Please send any inquiries to: robin@cadesign.net or call (707) 843-4646 today!